Best Reasons to Use FSBO Michigan to Help You Sell Your Own Home

We have listed the top ten reasons why we think you should use FSBO Michigan to help you sell your own home. This is certainly not a complete list of what we have to offer but it lists the most highly-valued reasons.

  1. Beautifully formatted 'Digital' brochure - automatically generated so you don't have to do it.  We also have three different styles of printed brochures depending on your need.
  2. Display up to 12 images - we will even help resizing them if needed.
  3. Buyers can easily search our listings using advanced search options.
  4. A QR code - scanned by mobile devices - is generated specifically to link to your 'Digital' brochure and it prints on your printed flyer. You can even place it on your yard sign so buyers can still get the information even if your flyer box is empty.
  5. Your last update date displays on the upper right corner of your 'Digital' brochure - just log in and select/review your property - so buyers know that your listing is current.
  6. Just by keeping your listing current, your property will get a Star rating and appear in our Spotlight Showcase and Sidebar Advertising - no extra charge.
  7. Different package levels to meet your budget but for you tightwads we have a 30-day free listing.
  8. Why do we charge you?  We do not sell your information to real estate agents, mortgage brokers or any other businesses that would benefit from lead generation - we let you choose your service providers from our own directory.
  9. You can call us and get a real person to talk to.  We live in Michigan.  We are average people who have sold our own homes in the past with success and want you to have the same experience.
  10. Last and most important - WE RANK VERY WELL IN SEARCH RESULTS when people are searching for homes for sale by owner in Michigan. Of course, we have to compete with the big dogs so we are not always in the first position but we are frequently on the first page with key search phrases - you found us, right?

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