Resources for the Do-it-Yourself Home Seller

Learn How to Sell Your Own Home and Eliminate the Real Estate Commission

Selling your own home can be a very rewarding experience. As much as 20% of homes are sold annually by FSBO homesellers. A homeseller can save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions and save a greater percentage of their equity.

However, the task of selling your own home should not be entered into lightly. It takes a commitment of your time and energy to learn the steps necessary to get to the day of closing. Real estate agents provide many services that a homeowner can do on their own.

We have provided information here on how to sell your own home not to mention the wealth of information on the internet. Many homesellers end up listing with an agent so take some time beforehand to learn as much as you can before taking the plunge.

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Additional resources from external sites

Why Sell FSBO? - Advice for sellers from a seasoned real estate professional. A MUST READ

Selling Your Own House on Facebook Using Local Ads - A guide for home sellers which breaks down step by step how to set up Facebook geo-targeted local ads for sellers that want to sell their own home.

FSBO Michigan is committed to helping you sell your own home in Michigan both economically and effectively. We provide all the tools you need to gain maximum exposure in an ever-increasing competitive industry.


World Wide Web

Our website is part of a nation-wide fsbo network. Your home information is presented to potential buyers in an easy-to-read format encompassing every aspect of your home including up to 12 photos. will accomodate a link to your own personal website. And, give you the means to advertise on other popular sites with photos and a link to your FSBOMichigan listing.


On Site

Our sturdy, wrought-iron For Sale sign standing 4 feet tall will attract potential buyers with its size and visibility. Your phone number displays in large black numbers for the convenience of potential buyers driving by.

Your Property Brochure printed directly from your online ad can be placed in our quality, stand-alone brochure box. We also provide directional signs for those out-of-the-way locations.


Direct Mail

Advertise your home in a way that's bound to get attention. Your home's photo and information can appear on the front of a FSBO Michigan postcard and mailed directly to homes in an area that you choose. Open house information and referral incentives are just a couple of ways to use postcards effectively. Note: Only available in select regions.


Print Circulation

FSBO Michigan provides you with your own web address to direct readers to your online advertisement. This is an effective way to encourage a buyer to give your property a second look. Buyers are given the opportunity to see your home in a comfortable setting instead of calling an unfamiliar number for more information. Some regions offer discounts on newspaper advertising.

Real Estate Professionals

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