FSBO Michigan Customer Reviews

"We were very pleased with for sale by owner and sold our house in 2 weeks! They were very easy to communicate with and were reliable. We highly recommend using for sale by owner Michigan (FSBO Michigan) for selling your home."

-- Garett and Nicole Shook

"Thank you so much for all of your help in selling our house. Your website is awesome."

-- Jim Arendsen

"This was a painless opportunity. FSBOMichigan handled everything for me."

"Thanks for all of your assistance. The next time I sell my house, I will remember fsboMichigan."

-- Lori Newsone

"Oh my goodness! What a tremendous service 'For Sale by Owner Michigan' has provided my partners and me. Their website design and on-site signage has done wonders for our home's exposure and credibility to potential buyers. Not only was the service easy, quick and financially very reasonable, FSBO has set a new competitive standard and example that allows sellers to totally execute a sale and put all of the proceeds in their own pocket. Thanks again to everyone at FSBO."

"Your service was a great way for me to sell my home myself. The products used were nice and sturdy. It has been a great alternative to using a Realtor."

-- Mrs Frisbee Portage

"For Sale by Owner Michigan made selling my house a simple process that was easy to understand. Their responsiveness to my calls and inquiries was immediate and personal. I never felt like I was taking a risk by using FsboMichigan. And, I never anticipated selling my house within two weeks. I was very pleased to get the price I asked for! I'm just thrilled; I really am."

-- Brenda Francis

"We received a lot of response from our listing on your website and we appreciate all of your help."

-- Don and Stephanie Williams

"I would like to thank fsboMichigan Greater Grand Rapids for their help in selling our condo. They provided a first class sign to put in front. The party that bought contacted us after seeing our online listing."

-- Tom Thompson

"I wanted to let you know that we have sold the house! Thank you, we will definitely use FSBOMichigan next time we buy and sell!!"

-- Jessica Brouwer

"We sold our last house on our own, but did not have access to a company like FSBO Michigan. It was so much easier with the help of FSBO. A small investment got us an unlimited number of flyers, a great yard sign, and a listing on the web site! I could not believe how easy it was to set up the website and how professional it looked when it was done. Our house got great exposure through the website and the sign and we were able to sell our house in an incredibly slow market."

-- George Franklin

"I have sold two homes within six months using FsboMichigan; my home in the city and my mom's in rural Dansville. Together, we saved over $15,000 in commission fees, and the transactions have gone smoothly. I'm sure I will be using your site to buy my next home, and I think I saw my uncle's home listed on there after we were bragging. Thanks!"

-- Jackson, P.E. Mary

"The buyer was driving around our neighborhood, saw your sign, logged on to the Web site, saw our pictures and came and looked. It took only 2 weeks to sell."

-- Susan Buckles

"We have sold our house. The site worked great for us. We probably had 80% of our calls from the site, 15% from driving by and seeing the sign, and only 5% from Lansing State Journal ads (which we paid about $500 for!). I just wanted to say thanks!"

-- Kevin Crawley

"You guys did great by us. We sold 3 houses with you and it saved us a ton of money."

-- Lynn Pulver

"I really liked your website. It is so user friendly. I especially like your signs. They are so professional that it drew people to stop and take a brochure out of the brochure box. What really sold me at the beginning is that you came up on the first page on Google under Lansing Real Estate. I was very happy with your service. It's a very nice way to go."

-- Melanie Newton

"It was hard to figure out what our house was worth because it is unique and has acreage - 3 agents looked at it and prices ranged from $225K to $279K. We listed with the latter for a month, and I never saw my agent again. I had to hound him to get a yard sign, a brochure box, a description on the internet. We had one open house and a couple showings with no feedback. When I questioned his diligence at marketing my house, he offered to terminate the listing. We promptly went to fsbomichigan and signed up, dropping the price to reflect the realtor's commission. Our sign and brochure box showed up the next day, the website was easy to use, and they offered 12 pictures b/c of the nature of our property. We got 2 good offers in 2 weeks from people who picked it up off the website. We're closing next month with buyers from New York and couldn't be happier. We all feel like we're getting a great deal, thanks to fsbolansing.com"

-- Gail Cutler

"I was pleased with the way the fsbomichigan service worked for me. It resulted in a firm sale and a back-up offer as well. The attractive signs are what really sold it. If I had to do it over again, I would do the same thing."

-- Roxsann Goulding

"Again, thank you for creating such a wonderful service--definitely have appreciated all your help!!!!"

-- Heather Kim

"I would like to inform you that my home got sold early this week. I would like to thank you for your help and support. You did a wonderful job. I will never forget that you came all the way from out of town to take the correct number for buyers to contact me. Thank you for everything."

-- Arafa Osman

"We were very pleased with the fsbomichigan.com website and service. We definitely got more traffic after we listed on the site. The professional signs make a very good impression on buyers and the service directory was useful with names of title companies and inspectors (we used several of these people). After about six weeks we received a firm offer on our property. This process does work, even for higher-end houses. Thanks!"

-- Charles and Kymm Hadlock

"I also wanted to say thank you so much for fsbomichigan.com. We were very pleased with all of the helpful information the website and packet contained. We received a full price offer within 32 days of listing our home! We would definitely use fsbomichigan.com again."

-- Jessica and Eric Yauch

"It worked out great. It was the cheapest way to go. We're really happy. We got a solid offer in two months."

-- Krista Koets

"Excellent service. Very helpful for the buyer of our home because her husband could view the home on the internet while he was overseas in Japan. He liked the home on the internet and when he got back in the country, we closed on the house."

-- Bob Anderson

"Everything went so smoothly. The first person that looked at it bought it."

-- Jean Wilson

"Talk about results! We put up the FsboMichigan.com sign on Thursday evening and we had two offers on the table by the following Monday! The response was immense. Thank you FSBOMichigan!"

-- Bill Geake

"We just wanted to let you know that the closing was yesterday, the house is officially sold. We've really enjoyed our experience with your listing service."

-- Jon and Melissa Sytsma

"It was well worth the $195."

-- Valerie Tripp

"After we had our home traditionally listed for a year and it hadn't sold, two people recommended your service to us. So we listed with fsbomichigan to sell it ourselves. We want to tell people to be patient. It was on for 90 days and go 500-600 hits. Then, suddenly, two different parties wanted it -- they both learned of it through the website -- there was a bidding war and we got our full asking price. Everything went like clockwork. We're now in Florida and if it weren't for you we'd still be in a foot of snow."

-- Barbara Nickels

"This was such a great way to sell a home. We would do it again and recommend it to everyone. We were spending $400-500 on newspaper advertising and it didn't sell. Then we signed up on fsbomichigan.com and it sold within a month--and that was in January! And the buyers found it on your website, too."

-- Patty Thayer

"This went way beyond my expectations in every way. It's a great service. The timing of everything was just about perfect. I'll be glad to give anyone a reference or people can call me."

-- Matt Winans

"Using fsbomichigan was probably the easiest and most straightforward part about our entire house project. I would definitely use it again."

-- Jim Woodend

"Thanks so much for your assistance. I will gladly recommend you to everyone."

-- Vicki Saxton

"You guys were great. I was a little scared to do this at first but you were always available to answer questions and I began to feel I could do it. Everything went so smoothly. I could not have done it without your help, and I saved a lot of money in the process. Thank you so much!"

-- Vicky McAree

"I liked it. I had a good experience with fsbomichigan. I highly recommend it to everyone. That's the best $200 I ever spent. We had 10 calls the first week. You guys have been wonderful and I appreciate all you've done."

-- Tandem Hayes

"Your website is just great. Everything's on there. You have done your homework. I was feeling a little uncertain about doing this myself but you have all the steps in there. I had an accepted offer within 1 week after I started showing my home. FsboMichigan is so much more professional than all the other fsbo websites. FsboMichigan is a blessing. You can quote me!"

-- Kristine McPeak

"It worked well for me. The first people who looked at it bought it. They found it on your website."

-- Joel Dakers

"You guys have provided a great service for us and we're very happy with it. We were able to do some comparisons right on your website to help determine our price...I just printed your spec sheets right off the computer so those didn't cost us anything. We were pleased. We got 100 hits that resulted in 5 showings and the 3rd person made an offer...it took just 2 and a half weeks! The site is easy to use and user friendly. We would use your service again. For a couple in our situation, it makes perfect sense."

-- Sandy Dean

"I would recommend your service to anyone. I appreciate it. It's the better way to do things. You have really taken care of us."

-- Jeff DeWeerd, M.D.

"I'e gotten tremendous response on the website. I would get 10-15 calls per week. I would do it again without a doubt."

-- Mary May

"I realized right away that this was well worth it. We'e had more appointments than we've ever had before when we'e sold ourselves, and that's because of the internet (fsbomichigan.com). It's opened up the exposure for us. It's been very worthwhile, and we would do it again in a minute."

-- Deb McClure

"Thank you for offering a wonderful and long needed service to the homeowners of the greater Lansing area."

-- Donald Schlief

"We wanted to send you a letter letting you know how much we enjoyed using your service. This was our first time as home sellers and your services made it so easy. Your advice and quick call-backs made selling our home a pleasure instead of a chore. We received calls from as many people that saw the webpage and the sign as we did people who saw our newspaper ad. We would definitely recommend you to anyone selling their home. The added exposure made a realtor unnecessary and saved us a lot of money."

-- Eric and Margaret Walchak

"So we are thrilled to sell right away. It only took three weeks. Thanks again. I am amazed how many people are out there shopping on the internet. I think it's going to be a great tool for Michigan buyers and sellers."

-- Sheila McCastle

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