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Do you know what percentage of your home's equity you would pay to a real estate agent?

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Why use to help you sell your home?

To skip the typical 6% commission which is $15,000 on a $250,000 home

Your property is your largest financial asset. And most homeowners still hold a mortgage on their home so their equity is potentially much less than the selling price. This means a 6% commission may be a HUGE percentage of your equity. Why should you lose so much of your equity that you worked so hard to get!

To Avoid paying for a service that may not be worth it

When you compare other items you buy in your lifetime, like insurance, utilities, gas and heat or even a car, do you really believe the service you receive for selling your home with a traditional real estate agent is worth approximately $6,000 to $20,000? The main service that real estate agents provide is convenience and, in some areas, agents can get a license within two weeks.

1 out of 3 homeowners sell without a traditional real estate agent

Today, a third of homeowners are selling their homes without the use of a traditional real estate agent. The internet has a wealth of tools to help you sell your home. Sellers are relying less on real estate agents and more on their savvy web surfing abilities.

Sellers nationwide saved thousands

Last year, nearly 1,500,000 sellers nationwide saved thousands by not using a full commission agent. With a little time and effort, a home seller can do or obtain the same services an agent offers. From home appraisers to real estate attorneys and showing your own home, these services can be done by any home seller.

More than 90% of home buyers use the Internet during their search

Gone are the days that a buyer needs an agent to show them a home. With multi-media platforms, buyers can find out everything about a home in the comfort of their own livingroom. They aren't wasting their time with showings and home sellers aren't wasting their time with uninterested buyers. is an effective and affordable alternative has worked hard to rank high in popular search engines. With our low-cost advertising, you can literally sell your home for less than the cost of a newspaper ad.

Get the best of both!

If you choose to use FSBOMICHIGAN.COM's optional Flat Fee MLS Service (same one Realtors use), you not only save ½ of commission fees, but you still retain YOUR RIGHT to sell to anyone not represented by a realtor as well! Best of both!