FSBO Michigan Real Estate Yard Sign Package

For Sale by Owner FSBO Michigan Real Estate Yard Sign

FSBO Michigan package includes:
    • Yard Sign: Our professional 24"x24" green and white sign displays For Sale by Owner in large black letters catching the eye of drivers passing by. Your phone number, also in large black letters, is placed on a rider that attaches to the top of our sturdy wrought-iron frame. This sign is very durable and rarely needs to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.

    • Brochure Box: Our stand-alone brochure box can be placed anywhere on your property. Frequently, they are placed at the edge of a driveway so potential buyers have easy access to your FSBO home description flyers. Flyers are printed right from your online advertisement eliminating the need to reproduce your ad in a word processor.

    • Directional Sign: Our 24"x18" directional sign is custom printed with your address. Some communities do not allow directional signs on public property. Please make sure the sign is allowed or, if placed on private property, ask permission from the homeowner.

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