Marketing Strategies for the FSBO Home Seller

For a Quick Sale, Closing a Sale, or Setting Your House Apart from the Crowd

  • Offer to pay the buyer's points or a certain dollar amount, i.e., “Seller will pay $1000 of buyer's points”,
  • Give a decorating allowance (might be especially important if you have painted in other than neutral colors),
  • Furnish a Home Warranty Policy obtainable from a title companies,
  • Offer to pick up the first 3 mortgage payments,
  • Find a mortgage company that is willing to put together a mortgage plan when you are marketing your home,
  • Arrange with buyer’s lender to pay to reduce the buyer’s interest rate—called a “buy-down”; can be done on a short term or permanent basis. This is a technical process (see a bank or mortgage company) that can help the buyer to qualify for a loan,
  • Give a landscaping allowance,
  • Offer your home partially to fully furnished—i.e., from one particular room to the whole house,
  • Offer new carpeting of buyer’s choosing in one room or several rooms, or the whole house (can tie this to a dollar amount),
  • Offer to pay the buyer’s moving costs — up to a certain amount,
  • Offer a free home inspection from a qualified home inspector,
  • Offer to pay for the joint closing. Have the closing arranged with a title company for a very reasonable cost - researching this first,
  • Offer to pay for the buyer’s home appraisal,
  • Offer a certificate for a weekend getaway at a nice resort or hotel; can tie this with an offer of a certain dollar amount and/or an offer by a certain date. (Certificate deliverable at closing.),
  • Offer a rebate at closing of a certain dollar amount (a real estate attorney can help you with this process),
  • Offer two nights at a nice local hotel while the buyers are getting settled into their new home,
  • If you have a one bath home in an otherwise moderately priced house, give a “2nd bathroom allowance”—for example, $500 or $1000 allowance for installation of a 2nd bath or ½ bath, and show prospective buyers where this could be done in your home (in an extra closet, part of a closet, etc.).

You may want to make sure that any of these strategies that you use be written at the very beginning of your narrative on the website so they will grab initial attention.

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