Get Listed on your local MLS with a Flat Fee MLS Package


Increase your real estate exposure for an additional flat fee as low as $350 by adding one of our MLS options to your FSBO Michigan Signature package or FSBO Michigan Pennywise package.

Discounts may apply if you sign up for both FSBO Michigan and your local MLS at the same time.

What You Get**

  • Local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) 6-month listing with up to 6 photos or 12-month listing with up to 25 photos,
  • 6-month listing with up to 6 photos or 12-month SHOWCASE listing with 25 photos directly accessible by the public,
  • Buyer's agent commission of 3% (recommended) and 0% commission to our listing agent,
  • And, you still retain the right to sell on your own through and pay 0% commission

Flat fee MLS packages require you to sign a limited-service contract with a listing agent. The listing agreement verifies you as seller will pay a cooperating broker their fee, typically 3%. An individual cannot get into the MLS; only a member/broker can put your property on the MLS.


For FsboMichigan and the MLS


There is some variation of MLS packages by area. Please visit your FSBO Michigan Service Area to learn the specifics offered. Some real estate associations in Michigan do not allow this type of service on their MLS.

** Under this plan, you are responsible for showings and closings. Please see our Service Directory for assistance in these processes. Title companies, for example, routinely gather all paperwork and handle closings, on average, between $250-$350. The buyer's realtor may choose to faciliate these processes as well.

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a name for the system that is used by real estate agencies to list local properties for sale in their geographic locations. Most are owned by local or regional Boards of Realtors. is a website of the National Association of Realtors. Data on that site is uploaded from the local MLS's across the country.

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